Directly print and distribute flyers

Distributing flyers has never been easier! Select the preferred towns, upload your design and let the Flyernator loose!

The Flyernator prints the required quantity of flyers in the highest quality and automatically distributes them on the chosen day - Wherever you want them, throughout Switzerland!

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This makes the Flyernator unique:

Printing & Distribution as a Service

No more time-consuming coordination of flyer printing and distribution. With the Flyernator you get everything from a single service. Clean, green and fully compliant.

No Food Flyer-Waste

Never again have either too many or too few flyers printed. For each order, the Flyernator calculates exactly how many flyers are needed.

Professional Service

Your flyers are printed using solar power from own panels and distributed CO2-neutral by the Swiss Post.

Individual Delivery Date

Regardless of the weather and star constellation, your flyers will automatically be distributed on the choosen day - Nationwide!

In 5 Steps to success:

Step 1

Set Distribution Region

Select the towns where your flyers shall be distributed. The Flyernator shows you exactly how many households you will reach with your selection.

This way you can already see how many people will actually receive your flyers and what costs you have to expect.

Step 2

Configure Flyers

Choose the format and the paper type for your flyers. Don't worry, thanks to our experience, we will only provide you with options that really work!

Not sure which format and paper type best suits your flyer? Then order our free sample set!

Step 3

Set Distribution Date

Next you determine when your flyers shall be distributed by the Swiss Post.

Holidays and public holidays from all distribution areas are automatically considered by the Flyernator.

Step 4

Upload Design

In this step you can provide the design of your flyer in PDF format to the Flyernator.

Please consider our guidelines and templates when designing your flyer. This ensures that your flyer will be printed exactly the way you envision it!

Step 5

Have the Flyers Printed and Distributed

Lastly, simply pay the order via Visa, Mastercard, Twint, Postcard or PostFinance e-payment. The Flyernator then automatically take care of the rest for you.

That's it! It's so simple with the Flyernator!

Green and legally compliant:

Sustainable and CO2-Neutral

Your flyers are printed with electricity from own solar panels and distributed by Swiss Post in a CO2-neutral way.

Compensation via myclimate

All emissions during printing are compensated via myclimate for supporting a forrest reserve in the Jura.

Also for Official Mailings

The Flyernator is certified to deliver official mailings. So also suitable for public services, political parties and politicians!

Fair and Compliant

Your flyers are distributed exclusively to mailboxes without «Stop - No Advertising» stickers. So your flyer will only be delivered to people who welcome ads.

Prices - Nator cheap!

The Flyernator prints and distributes your flyers starting from CHF 0.18 per household (all inclusive)!

The price of your order depends on many different factors. In the first two steps you can check the price of your flyer easily without having to reveal anything about yourself!

For example:

Zurich 8048 Altstetten (~4'400 flyers) from CHF 1'290.-
Basel 4053 Gundeldingen (~2'400 flyers) from CHF 840.-
Berne Breitenrain (~3'600 flyers) from CHF 1'140.-
City of Lucerne (~14'000 flyers) from CHF 2'990.-

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